We are proud to announce the forming of a new force in World of Warcraft. Many of you will remember the guilds Nihilum and SK Gaming(Curse) from the past years, we have now decided to combine our strengths to create the number one team for Wrath of the Lich King and beyond. We have spent a considerable amount of time forging the greatest roster ever assembled in this game and we are now ready to take on anything that is released. To support this roster we have finally found an appropriately motivated team to back us and help us reach our full potential. Together we aim to deliver a much more professional and WoW tailored experience to the community than anything else that has been done in the past.

At this point we are just offering a taste of what’s to come. As the name suggests we are going to be doing our full launch on the 25th of November under a new brand but we wanted to let the community know that we are combining our efforts prior to this launch. So what is coming on the 25th? We are going to launch a new portal that’s built around the guild with the goal of being one of the best World of Warcraft community sites. So watch this space until the 25th. You will find us leveling up on Magtheridon and striving for world firsts in the new wave of content.

Thomas „Kungen“ Bengtsson – Guild Master
Philip „Mek“ Curry – Guild Master
Markus „Mackzter“ Dahlgren – Guild Master
Mark „Nessaj“ Laursen – Community Manager

Visit us @ IRC: #25Nov – Quakenet

Quelle: Press-Release